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Need additional information on Get Qualified Australia’s affiliate program? Keep reading for all the details before you sign up here!

STEP1 Sign up

We made sure that signing up for our affiliate program is incredibly simple. From start to finish, you can become a registered affiliate in under two minutes.

Simply click on “Become an Affiliate Partner” on our affiliate program page, enter your details and password and then submit your information. You don’t need to wait for approval to our program. Instead, you’ll receive a verification email in your inbox. Click the link and your account is set up! It’s that easy, and that fast.

Sign up
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STEP2 Share Your Links

Once your account is set up, you’re going to want to start sending traffic to your affiliate links. The more clicks you send, the more leads you’ll have, and eventually the more sales you’ll receive.

You could easily be earning 5% commission on all sales you send our way. That means, on an $1800 sale, you could easily earn yourself $90. In a 31 day month, earning $3000 is a very real possibility! In order to receive your custom links, log in to the platform and then click on “Get Links (URLs)”.

Alternatively, you can also click on “Get Banners” to download banner creative to put on your website, blog, or anywhere else.

STEP3 Get Paid

Want to track your performance each day? No problem! In your affiliate dashboard, just click on “Your Performance”, and you’ll see all relevant statistics as well as all the cash you’re earning!

There are a few dollar amounts you’ll want to keep an eye on in order to get paid:

Get Paid

Current Earnings

Current earnings are from those sales which have been 100% finalised. You’re able to request payout for these earnings. We pay our affiliates at the end of each month, and the “current earnings” is what you can expect.

Pending Earnings

Some sales may not be fully paid for a number of weeks. As we provide flexible payment options to our customers, the “pending earnings” area shows commissions available to you when a sale is paid in full.


This field indicates how much commission you’ve received since you started with the Get Qualified Australia affiliate program. Revel in your glory and plan for more revenues in the future!


We may, from time to time, adjust commission rates during promotional times, or we may also offer select affiliates an increased commission rate. You can verify your commission rate in this area.

Share Your Links

How to get paid?

Soon enough, you’ll have a nice cheque being sent to you – but we need to know where to send it! Make sure your profile is 100% complete, or else we can’t send you your well-deserved money!

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