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  • How Can RPL Help You?

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a simple assessment process which aligns your skills, knowledge and experience with qualifications from countless Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and colleges in Australia.Watch the Video

  • A Process So Simple

    Get started by conducting a free skills review. Once you have determined your eligibility, there are a few simple steps to complete.

    These steps guide you to the qualification you are looking for and will help you to get qualified in no time.

  • Easily Prove Your Skills

    Your upcoming qualification is based on your skills and experience. We´ll help you to have all necessary pieces of evidence verified quickly.

    Learn more about how easy the process is by downloading this RPL guide.

  • Get the Qualification You Need

    Your skills, knowledge and experience matter. By recognising your prior learning, GQ Australia can help you to get the qualifications you deserve, with the right RTOs and Colleges, all without spending years in the classroom.

What will you do with your qualifications?

Start your free skills review

Without spending a dollar, you can easily have your skills reviewed and your eligibility determined. Simply click below to get started.

Free Skills Review

Learn about the RPL process

Do not worry, the RPL process is incredibly simple. Download our RPL Guide to learn how easy it is to get started. Just click below!

Download RPL Guide

100% Money Back Guarantee

You can feel confident in choosing GQ Australia. Our 90 day money back guarantee is here for you. Read more on how hassle free it is.

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